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Why should we choose Naxos for our wedding?

Weddings in Naxos, first of all, have a stunning and original backdrop. The island is very diverse: it has magnificent views on the crystalline-blue sea, mountains, the traditional architecture of the whitewashed buildings, the magnificent colors of the sunset, the churches on peninsulas and peaks of the mountains.
When you chose to get married in Naxos you are sure that your wedding will be unique. The island is big enough to offer a wide selection of ceremony venues and photography locations. You will not see dozens of couples queuing to take the same photo in front of the same church, like it often happens on other, more touristic islands.
The island offers plenty of choices for your dream wedding. There are a lot of options either you pick a wedding package all inclusive or plan a luxurious wedding in a private villa or a boho wedding on the beach. A wedding ceremony and a reception can be held in wedding venues with a magnificent view that overlook the Aegean sea, or the mountains, on the terraces of luxury villas that can accommodate the couple and their guests, on a sailboat, in the picturesque churches, etc. The choices of a couple that is getting married in Naxos for all the wedding details are countless. And there are experienced people that will help you plan your wedding day and your stay on the island.
Being a wedding photographer that have worked at weddings in a number of countries, I must say that Naxos is one of the best locations for wedding photography for many reasons. When you pick up Naxos as your destination wedding location, you are 95% sure to have sunny cloudless weather and enjoy a stunning sunset on your most important day..

Why should I hire Wedding Planner in Naxos?

Having your wedding in a foreign country means that you don’t know much about the wedding industry there. Greece, as any other country, has a different market from your country. Your wedding planner in Naxos knows everything about local wedding industry as the experience and the professionalism has made him deal with it. Knowledge is power! That is why a wedding planner is the person you definitely need!

Can I rent a Wedding Dress in Naxos?

No, unfortunately the market in Naxos is very limited and we do not cooperate with anyone in the island that provides this service. We advise our couples to bring their own wedding dress and wedding suite for their wedding in Naxos.

How long do we have to be on the island prior to the wedding?

We recommend to our couples to be in the island at least two days prior to the wedding, as we like to have a pre-wedding meeting to discuss all the wedding details. Also it is necessary for a civil wedding in Naxos, to have the couples in Naxos one working day after the wedding so we can arrange the final signature in the Town Hall..

Do you organize vow renewals in Naxos?

Yes, you vow renewals is possible in Naxos. Please contact us for further information and we will be more than happy to help! We would like to let you know that for a vow renewal, no documents are needed so the process is easier, we just need a copy of your passports. The ceremony is the same as the civil ceremony but you will not receive an official marriage certificate.

When do we receive our photos?

This depends on the delivery policy of your chosen photographer

Where can we have our wedding reception in Naxos?

Naxos has unique wedding reception venues. Depending on the number of guests we will propose several wedding venues in Naxos to choose from

Do you charge an initial consultation?

The initial consultation is 100 percent free

Do you arrange religious weddings in Naxos?

Yes, we arrange Orthodox weddings. Please contact us for the necessary details.

Is our civil marriage in Naxos legal worldwide?

Yes, the marriage certificate is a legal document issued by the Greek Government and accepted internationally. You will use the certificate to register your marriage back home when you have received it

How do we obtain the marriage certificate?

After the ceremony, we will arrange a meeting at the Town Hall so we can proceed with the final signatures. The procedure of getting your marriage certificate with the Apostille Stamp usually takes 3-4 weeks. As soon as we receive it back from the Town Hall we will send it to you by post.

What is the best time to perform the wedding ceremony in Naxos?

The best months to get married in Naxos are May, June and September. The veather is beautiful, but not too hot and there are less tourists on the island during this period.
Usually we advise our couples to book their wedding one hour before the sunset, so they will enjoy a beautiful sunset photo shooting after the ceremony. Sometimes, this will depend on the availability of the venue and the available time slots of the registrar. Moreover, we also recommend our couples not to have the ceremony in the middle of the day, as the weather in Naxos during June, July and August can be very hot

We don’t have two witnesses for the ceremony.

We will be more than happy to be your witnesses on the day, so don’t worry!

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